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I hate being alone on Friday nights. It sucks. Royally. Before I had a baby I could usually someone to hang out with, grab a cup of coffee with, etc. Now that I have Cheyenne I can't just pick up and leave to meet someone. She goes to bed at 8 which is when I would want to leave! Oh well, I make the most of it, which included a surprise phone call to one of my besties in Australia! (Love you Heids!!!) I love having friends that you can call up and pick up where you left off even if it's been 9 months since you last talked! So good.

Anyway, speaking of Australia, I thought I'd write another "10 Things About Me" post. Today's topic is 10 Places I've Travelled To. I'll put them in order from the furthest away to the closest and beside each one I'll write how many times I've been there in brackets.

1. Australia (1) -James and I went for my girlfriend's wedding and to travel
2. New Zealand (1) -Went to Capernwray Bible School for 6 months after high school
3. Paraguay (3) -My dad was born here so we've visited multiple times
4. Argentina (1) -My mom was born here so we stopped there during one of our visits to Paraguay
5. Brazil (1) -Went to the Cateratas de Iguazo (spelling?) on a road trip during one of our visits to Paraguay
6. Cuba (2) -First time for our Honeymoon and second time for a cheap getaway
7. Mexico (3) -First time to Manzanillo, last 2 times to Puerto Vallarta for family trips
8. Dallas, Texas (1) -James had to go here for training so I tagged along and enjoyed lots of room service and shopping alone!
9. Los Angeles, CA (1) -Went for our 1 year anniversary
10. Oregon Coast (3) -I went a few times in high school with my youth group and then James and I went last March for our Babymoon

I love travelling, as does my husband. It's always been a priority for us to travel, even if it's just a couple hours away, like Oregon. We love exploring new places and driving around. I'm so thankful that I've been able to travel so much in my life already and plan on doing much more travelling in the future. Our next destination is Tofino on Vancouver Island. James and I both have never been there before so we're looking forward to that! And we're going without the babe, which will make it even more relaxing! Hello Sleep! =)

I've got a couples session scheduled for tomorrow morning but Mother Nature might have other plans. Hopefully it's not raining so we can go ahead with the shoot. Should be a good one, we're heading to Yaletown!

And what is a photography blog without pictures, right? My husband playing guitar for my daughter...

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