Sweet Dreams B&B Bridal Session /DORI

I met Dori when I met my husband. They sang together in the choir at Columbia Bible College, way back when, and hung out with the same group of people. We got along great and our friendship has grown lots in the last few years, and especially the last few months since we started meeting weekly to discuss a book that we're reading together. I really cherish those days with Dori. She's an awesome friend, a godly woman, and a beauty to photograph!

About two years ago I set Dori up on a date with a guy that I had known my whole life, having gone to the same church as him since we were both little. My husband and I went on a double date with them and wouldn't you know it, they got married last August! That was my first attempt at match making and I think I'll stop there since I'm 1 for 1. =)

I also wanted to mention that Dori is a piano teacher in Richmond. If you or your kids or someone you know is thinking about starting lessons you should definitely give Dori a call because she's fabulous! Check out her website HERE.

So, I asked Dori if she would want to model for me for a bridal session. She was all for it so we went ahead and planned it! I did her hair and loved it! She was a trooper. The amount of backcombing I did to her hair was a little insane, but she just let me do my thing and suffered combing it out alone later that night! Our friend, Kerry, did the make-up, which also turned out fabulous! Dori's Aunt and Uncle own an amazing, luxury Bed and Breakfast in Abbotsford that they let us use for the shoot.

This session was definitely different from my usual sessions, which was fun but also quite challenging. Knowing that the shoot would be indoors meant that we, luckily, didn't have to cancel because of rain. There wasn't as much natural light inside the B&B as I thought there would be, and because it was pouring rain it made everything a little darker, in general. And the lights that were in the house were really tricky to work with because they brought a lot of orange colours into the rooms. Just something I haven't had to work with before. And I didn't use flash.

So, I'm about to show you my favourites! I liked this session and the editing because it is different from my usual stuff. It's all indoors. Crazy hair and make-up. And mixed lighting. But I like the results! Something different and fun and challenging! Enjoy!


  1. I love the last one of her in the doorway!
    And the one with the feet and the train. Beautiful!

  2. Anonymous8.12.10

    Amazing! I just want to say how much I love your photos! They're always so amazing!

  3. Aw thanks Becky! That's really sweet of you to say! I might be blushing a little =)

  4. the red shoes are perfect!

  5. Anonymous10.12.10

    No problem! I'm an aspiring photographer myself (on the side of university schoolwork, which really gets in the way). Love your stuff!


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