Two Hundredth

This my 200th post on this blog. Not that that's a huge number or something worth celebrating but it is what it is and I say "way to go!" to myself today! 200 posts. 54 of those were for photo shoots. I won't get all sentimental about this last year quite yet. I'm saving that for a post in the near future. I'll be picking out my favourite images from 2010 and end the year on a high, reflecting back on all the blessings of this past year in my life and business!

I found some pictures I hadn't shared yet so I thought I'd do that today. I took these a couple weeks ago when we still had some snow sitting around. It was freezing cold out but i wanted some pictures of Cheyenne in the snow so I bundled her up and out we went!


  1. I love the one of her walking along, so cute and vibrant!

  2. Justine7.12.10

    I love the picture of her walking! So cute!

  3. she's a girl on a mission!


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