Vegas, Baby!!

That's right, I'm going to Las Vegas! I don't know why I haven't mentioned this yet, it's been planned for a few weeks now. There's a huge International Photography Convention that happens down there every February. Well, last February I was just starting my business and my daughter was only 7 months old so it wasn't an option for me to go. But this year, there's nothing stopping me! Or should I say, us.

My friend, Frances, casually emailed me about the convention and half-jokingly asked if I'd want to go next year since we had talked about it months ago. I replied saying it probably wouldn't work. I had just booked my trip to Australia so I assumed my husband wouldn't be a fan of me going to Vegas now too. But I was wrong! I presented the idea to him and mentioned how hugely it would benefit me and my business and the amazing opportunity that it would be for me. I looked at flights and hotels online and found some WICKED deals, so he told me to go for it!

I emailed Frances back and said it was a go. So we booked it. And now I'm going to Las Vegas in February for 4 nights and spending 4 days amongst other amateur and professional photographers and vendors. Holy cow! I'm so excited! They have speakers that you can listen to for free (well, not free since we paid the registration fee!) and not just any speakers, but amazing speakers like Jasmine Star, Kevin Kubota, Becker, to name a few!

That's my exciting news for the day!

This week will be spent editing the rest of my sessions and getting all my loose ends together. Finishing my Christmas shopping and wrapping and then next weekend I'm off for a week. Holiday time! Not to anywhere sunny, but it'll still be a holiday!

Happy Monday!

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