I've finally been able to catch up on some past sessions. A couple months ago I offered to take some pictures of my dad's showroom for his company's new website. My dad is the owner of Prima Carpets Ltd in Richmond. He started this business 25 years ago, shortly after I was born, I like to think my coming into this world inspired him to start his own business!! =) They sell pretty much any type of flooring, including cork and bamboo floors, and obviously carpet, lino and hardwood. Oh, and even area rugs.

This is my little plug-in for my dad! If you're thinking about updating your floors you really should give him a call, or check out his showroom. There's a huge selection and the staff is excellent (it's true, but I do have to say that because the staff is my dad, my uncle and my brother-in-law!) From what friends of mine that have bought carpet from my dad have told me, the prices are good and the quality and customer service is fabulous!

Again, this is not something I usually take pictures of, but I like to see how I can use my artistic eye in different ways and I like what I managed to come up with!


  1. Anonymous15.12.10

    Even if you dont normally do business pictures, these turned out great and your creative eye did an awesome job!

  2. Definitely not your usual, but you're amazing at being a photographer for all types of different people, different stuff, different backgrounds and these turned out wonderfully!

  3. This makes me want to buy carpet. Pretty colourful carpet!

  4. Brings back memories for me. Like one New Years celebration we spent in the back storage room. :)
    Good times.

  5. wow. definitely makes the carpet business look a little more glamorous :). My dad has recruited Scott and Daniel over the Christmas break...keeping it in the family. haha


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