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Brendan and Emily's wedding was my first local wedding of the season. What a great way to start it off, too! Not only are Emily and Brendan a gorgeous couple, but their love for each other is the most beautiful thing to witness. I pretty much just followed them around with my camera and got all of these amazing images just bursting with love that you see in this post. They are too cute. Even a minute apart from his bride was too much for Brendan and he would quickly make his way over to her and give her a big hug. Oh man, oh man. I'm telling you guys, this couple has 50+ years of a loving, fun and amazing life together!

I joined the ladies in the morning while they got ready, while Justine, my 2nd shooter for the day, spent the morning with the boys. I'm told there was never a dull moment there! The boys were up for anything! Emily and her entourage of beautiful ladies, including four sisters and her best friend, were all very relaxed as they put the final touches on their make-up and sipped lemon Perrier and filled up on healthy snacks before the festivities began. I fell in love with these girls. Their obvious love for each other was something to envy. You girls, including Emily F., have something so special and it was a delight to photograph you and be with you on this special day!

The ceremony took place at Bakerview MB Church in Abbotsford. Right after the ceremony, guests were treated to many delicious treats and hot or cold beverages prepared by Afterthoughts. Apparently they have the best cheese cake as well, so you'll have to check them out! After family pictures we headed out to Fishtrap Creek for some portraits. Their reception was held at Heritage Alliance Church. Again, what a joy this couple was to photograph! It was near impossible to pick my favourites since Emily and Brendan make every picture look fabulous! I did finally narrow it down, though!

So, without further ado, Emily and Brendan, I hope you enjoy these and thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your wedding day. I had a fabulous time and I hope these pictures will help you to relive the day for the rest of your lives! Enjoy!

And thanks for joining me for the day, Justine! It was fun working with you!

To see more pictures from their wedding day you can check out their Slideshow.

He just got the first glimpse of his beautiful bride! :) These are always my favourite pictures!

Cute cute cute!


Gorgeous bouquets of tulips and calla lilies!

Emily's smile and eyes are killer!

I want to frame this one for myself! haha. One day when I have my own studio! :)

I love it when couples are on board with sitting on the ground!


This makes me smile!

And, couples who want to have fun shots also make me happy!

Very studly!

Love this idea! And the shadows and the light are just MMmmMMmm good!

Couples who lie on the ground make me even happier!!!

Next Top Model, watch out.

Question: "What is your wife's favourite flower?" Emily: Tulips. Brendan: 2lips. :)

And that's me and the couple! What a great day!!


  1. love the ring shot, love the tying of the dress, and ADORE the black & white below the bouquet diptych. wow.

  2. Looks like a fun day! I love all the colour of the dresses and flowers. so sunny!

  3. these are ahhhhhmazing Vanessa! such a gorgeous couple with great colours in their wedding! i am such a fan of your work! love it all!

  4. Thanks all! I had such a great time with this couple!

  5. Anonymous25.5.11

    Gorgeous! They are such a beautiful couple; you took amazing photos!!!

  6. Oh my mercy these are gorgeous! The ceremony ones blew me away because I usually think the inside of church pictures are a little blah! And the colours are stunning! Good job once again! Do you ever get negative feedback? Because I've beat people up before....just sayin'.

  7. I am highly impressed to see these wedding photographs. As the existing photographs are really looking just extreme and impressive. Thanks for sharing the most inspiring and elegant wedding photos in this post. Just magnificent.


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