Crazy Town

That's the name of the city that I feel like I should be living in right now - Crazy Town. My husband and I just put our townhouse on the market this weekend. All last week was spent cleaning up our place, which basically meant throwing everything into a box or closet and hiding it.

With a toddler around, it's near impossible to have a clean house all the time. One day last week I had swept the floor in the morning, and a few hours later my husband suggested I sweep the floor in the kitchen since it hadn't been done in a while. I kindly suggested otherwise. He didn't believe me that I had already swept it that morning. haha. Girlie likes to move around alot while she eats, therefore dropping crumbs and bits of food everywhere!

So, between cleaning and organizing and packing a few boxes up already, I've spent a lot of time at my parents place to avoid the risk of having the house turn into a mess again. I don't normally mind a mess, it's kind of inevitable with a toddler so why fight it? But when we could randomly having a showing of our place we kind of need to keep it clean.

James and I went to look at five houses today and so it's officially happening! We're on the hunt for a new house! Hopefully we won't settle in Crazy Town! We even got to enjoy a quiet lunch at Cactus Club, just the two of us, which we haven't done in a very long time!

Anyway, that's why you haven't heard too much from me this week. I've got a few hours alone to catch up on work which I will take advantage of! Hope you're all having a bit of a less crazy week than I am! Enjoy the beautiful weather we're having today!


  1. Anonymous3.5.11

    All the best in finding a house. Judy Kutny

  2. On Saturday I would have never known you were in the midst of such a busy time. Congratulations, and all the best with the hunt!


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