Vintage Inspired Wedding Sneak Peek

I had the pleasure of photographing Tim and Larissa's wedding yesterday!!! Tim and Larissa were one of the first couples to hire me as their wedding photographer, and she's a loyal blog follower/commenter and I love it!

The weather cooperated with us for most of the day, only sprinkling a few drops on us during the portrait session but not enough to damper the love and happiness of this newly married husband and wife! What a pleasure it was to be part of their day!!

Here are just a couple Sneak Peeks for you. I have LOTS of pictures to go through but these jumped out at me as I flipped through!

Congratulations again, Tim and Larissa, and have a fabulous honeymoon!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I know I will! Since we were at the wedding yesterday we're doing Pizza Night tonight!


  1. Anonymous1.5.11

    Hi Vanessa-

    I am SO EXCITED to see Larissa's pictures! The teasers look great. You were fantastic to have there yesterday. Your style is perfect for her.

    --Kate the bridesmaid

  2. Thank you Kate, rhymes with Late, cannot skate! =) Your speech was one of the best I've ever heard! thanks for making my job so easy yesterday! =)


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