Yes, I will be endorsing Weddings In BC yet again on my blog! haha. I have to! They've been so generous to me in the last couple months with features on their blog, it's the least I can do to show my appreciation!

That being said, have you checked out their website yet? Have you registered yourself onto their site? If you have, you're awesome! If you haven't, you're not. JUST KIDDING! But you really should. They officially launched their Weddings In BC magazine this month so for all of May they're doing a daily prize giveaway!!!

And in this first week of May at some point, or at least some time in May, they'll be giving away FREE wedding day coverage by yours truly!!! (ie: ME!) So, get you name on their list. Check out their Inspiration Room on their site daily. And get ready to win some amazing prizes from a huge variety of local wedding vendors!

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