Beth & Steve's E-Session Sneak Peek

I wrote it on my Facebook status when I got home tonight, and I'll write it again here. It's nights like this that I'm reminded why I love what I do! A beautiful couple in love in a gorgeous location with the most stunning sun light! MmmMMmmMMMMMM!!!! I could just eat it all up with a spoon. Seriously.

I met Beth and Steve for the first time tonight at Campbell Valley Park for their engagement session. They said they didn't know how to pose or what to do but, seriously, they were naturals! They knew when have the right moments at the right time. They were real, they were in love, and they were gorgeous!

I had been looking forward to tonight's shoot for a long time. This was my first session with sunset lighting since October. OCTOBER people!!!! Do you have any idea of the sunset withdrawal I've been dealing with for the past 7 months??!!!! Sheesh! I can't tell you how refreshing it was to get out there, with an actual sun, and to shoot in this amazing light tonight. Wow. Thank you God for creating so much gorgeousness!

Anyway, enough about my love and obsession with sunset lighting. Let me show you the stars for the evening, Beth and Steve. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous couple. Did I mention how gorgeous they are? ;) You guys were such a delight to photograph! I'm so excited to photograph your wedding in September!



  1. Very pretty! I love the third one!

  2. lovely!! I agree, that black and white photo is my favourite.


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