Meet Ray

Today I want to introduce you to a very special man. I met him 8 years ago, in New Zealand. This Irish born, Australian citizen with the most interesting accent changed my life in so many ways. I saw on Facebook that he posted some links on YouTube with a miniature version of the week long seminar we heard in New Zealand (while at Bible School). He is a discipleship counsellor and his passion for God and his ministry is infectious. And his accent makes you pay attention!

I'll never forget our first meeting. He met with each student individually and basically broke down our temperament for us based on the questions we answered prior to seeing him. Everyone is either a Thinker, Feeler or Doer or some combination of the three and you can be different temperaments in Socially, under Stress, and with Affection. Very intriguing!

Anyway, I sit down in a chair across from Ray and listen intently as he tells me that I'm a Feeler and that I would make a great entrepreneur and that I could basically go to China and sell tea. Sure, that sounds great, I'm thinking. But why do I have to go to China? I was so confused. He went on with this analogy for quite some time, and all the while I'm still wondering why I would have to go to China to sell tea and that I really didn't want to. I would rather stay near my home! Finally, I asked him why I had to go to China and he just about fell off his chair laughing. Once he explained the metaphor or analogy or whatever it is, I finally understood! Now it made sense!

Ray came to Vancouver the next year and I set it up for him to do a workshop at my church. He, again, made time to have some one on one appointments and I signed myself up right away. I had just started dating James and had some issues that I was struggling with, personally. Needless to say, if I hadn't spent that hour with Ray, I would most likely not be married to James right now, or anyone else for that matter. Ray showed me the fear in my life that was keeping me distant and closed off from accepting love from others, the result of having been hurt many times by guy friends in high school. And he made me realize how this fear was affecting me relationship with God and my view of Him. I was a changed person after that.

So, thank you Ray, for impacting my life (and my family's and so many of my friends' lives) in more ways that you will ever know.

To hear his wicked accent and to listen to his message, check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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