|ANDREA & BRIDESMAIDS| pre-wedding

Andrea is my second cousin so I've known her for a long time =) She just got married on June 18 and as a thank-you to her bridesmaids she asked me to do a photo shoot for them a few days before the wedding. They had no idea that they were going to be in a photo shoot, Andrea just told them to look nice and meet at Wendel's in Fort Langley at 5:30pm. (Wendel's is my most favourite coffee shop ever. If you haven't been there yet, you must. It's so quaint and has great character and is located in the fabulous Fort Langley!!)

I thought this was such a neat idea. Doing a photo shoot with your bridesmaids. How fun! And it really was. Andrea had a great group of girls supporting her on her wedding day, and they made taking pictures of them easy! =)

So, if you're a bride or a future bride, keep this in mind!

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  1. YOU NAILED IT! These are great! What an awesome idea. I am sure Andrea and her friends would have been pleased! I'm lovin' the 4 open umbrellas and the Community Hall shots!


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