Bikini Babe

Summer is officially here in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, British Columbia for those of you that aren't from around here). This week has been H-O-T! We actually set up our air conditioner for the first time.

Yesterday Cheyenne and I headed to my parents place in the afternoon. We spent all afternoon and evening outside. It was fabulous. It was the first time in 2 years that I wore a bathing suit and tanned in the sun. It was the first time Cheyenne wore a bathing suit, ever. It was the first time she played in a pool. It was great. She loves being outside and it only makes me yearn for a backyard that much more. I guess our 10 ft x 8 ft deck will have to do for now.

She first came out in her bikini. Yes, a bikini. She got it as a gift at a baby shower when she was a couple months old and I've been waiting to put it on her ever since! It was quite adorable (may as well let her wear it now while it's still cute because once she hits puberty she ain't wearing a bikini anymore!) Being the responsible parent that I am, I put her in a more covering outfit after I got enough pictures of the bikini. Plus, the bikini made it too easy for her to scratch herself.

We even let her have a sip of terere (pronounced 'teh-rr-rr'. You have to roll the R's. Make sense? haha.) (Terere is the cold version of Mate which is a tea from Paraguay. Even more confused now? Why am I drinking this, you may be wondering. Well, my dad was born in Paraguay and my mom was born in Argentina so we have a lot of South American influence in our homes. But I grew up speaking German, not Spanish. Plus, we're Mennonite, which is another post on it's own. I'm filled with interesting facts!)

ANYWAY... she loved it. She even sucked the water through the bombilla (pronounced 'bom-beeya' which is the straw and you put yerba (the tea leaves) in the guampa (pronounced 'gwaum-pa' which is a hollowed out bulls horn). Fascinating isn't it? haha.

Alright, here are the pictures you've been waiting for and that make me smile so big! Let me add that she did wear these sunglasses ALL afternoon, not once trying to pull them off.

She is so cute and so funny looking with these sunglasses!

This is the guampa and bombilla, but in this case, the guampa is made out of metal, not horn.

It's a communal drink, everyone drinks from the same bombilla.

This is just the container that holds the cold (or hot) water.


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!! Cutest girl in a bikini I have EVER seen!!! Could that belly BE any cuter? Adorable!

  2. I submit that it could NOT =)

  3. LOVE the bikini. Cheyenne looks positively delicious in it!
    To answer you, live our wonderful life in Squamish. Although, I have been in Ontario for the past 2 weeks and we fly home tomorrow. I am sooooooo excited for a wonderful BC summer! So excited that it has finally arrived!

  4. they look too cute.


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