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I have about 500 images to edit from my latest Trash the Dress session! I have a few other shoots to edit first but I fell in love with a few more photos from that session while I was going through all the images. Here they are...

For those of you that are interested in the latest since the accident, here's the low down! Our car is staying in Ucluelet, we sold it to a wrecker or something. Apparently the impact of the crash was so hard that it actually broke our engine. There's not much left to salvage from it, a few doors, the hitch, etc. We're reminded again of how lucky we were to walk away with such minor injuries. Scary. As far as my injuries, I'm feeling so much better today. I took my last pill yesterday morning and I slept great and feel pretty good today. My neck and shoulders still feel stiff but it doesn't hurt every time I turn or pick something up now. We picked up our new old car today. We found a 2002 Mazda Tribute (SUV) on Craigslist this week and bought it. It was well under our budget and fit all the criteria we were looking for. Done. I hate car shopping. When we bought our Matrix that was supposed to be the last car we bought for a very long time. Well, hopefully this car will be the last one for a very long time!

Thank you again to everyone who sent a kind word, thought or prayer our way. We so appreciate it and I know that's why I'm feeling better and why everything has been falling into place so nicely despite the crappy situation we were in. God is good and He has always been faithful to us in these kinds of situations.

Anyway, more photos to come in the next little bit!

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  1. you do amazing work. Very beautiful work of art.


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