Surprise Ending

This weekend my husband and I went away without our daughter for the first time. Well, we've left her twice for a night but never for a whole weekend! It was quite the treat, but we did miss her lots by the end of our getaway. We went to Tofino, British Columbia. Both of us had never been there before and so many people ranted and raved about this place. So we thought we'd check it out for ourselves. We had a gorgeous room at the Cable Cove Inn, with our own private hot tub on the balcony. The room and the service was amazing. I highly recommend this hotel/inn if you ever head out to Tofino.

We both weren't huge fans of the town itself. We probably won't go back there. It takes a long time to get there, you have to take the ferry, which is also expensive, and then drive 3 hours to the other side of the island. I think we've just been spoiled with having traveled to so many different places!

Here's just one picture that I've edited already, I'll add more when I'm done the rest.

The weekend was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of life back home. I love the perks of having the internet, but I really love having a break from it. It was nice to have time just to reconnect as a couple and not have to think about a baby's schedule.

We left Tofino Sunday morning around 11:15am. We planned to go straight home but things didn't quite turn out that way. 15 minutes into our drive home we got in a serious car accident, which luckily could've been worse. We were making a left turn and just turned too early, not seeing the oncoming vehicle around the corner and it hit us head on, into the front right side of the car. It was the most terrifying thing I've ever encountered in my life thus far. I remember the moment I saw the car and I screamed "WATCH OUT!" and James slammed on the breaks and the car hit us and it made this loud noise and I remember being jostled around a bit and instantly the air bags came out and all I could see was white through the windshield. Not sure why. Some say it could've been the dust from the air bags. There was also a strong smell in the car right after, which I'm told was the gas from the air bags.

The first thing I did when the car stopped was look over at my husband to make sure he was alive and then I undid my seat belt and held my chest because it was throbbing, and opened the door. It only opened about 8 inches so I tried to squeeze my way out, repeating "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh" over and over. I was in total shock. When I finally came to my senses and realized everything that just happened I started crying uncontrollably. I was still grasping my chest because it really hurt and was looking around at the other passengers from the other vehicle.

There was a cop about 30 seconds behind us who didn't actually see us but was right there after it happened. A couple off duty paramedics drove by and pulled over and helped us until the paramedics came. In the end, 4 of us (out of 6) went to the hospital, me and another girl from the other vehicle took the ambulance, and all of us walked out without any broken bones or anything. Just muscle inflammation and soreness.

PRAISE GOD!!!! Oh my gosh that's all I can say. There are so many "if's" that have gone through my mind that would have made the situation SO MUCH WORSE! I don't even care that we don't have a vehicle right now, and that we'll probably have to buy a new one. We're alive. That's enough for me. I have no doubt that God will provide for us now. He has never let us down in dire situations when we've been financially stuck and I have no reason to not have faith that He will guide us and provide for us now.

Thank you to those of you that have been praying for us. James is totally fine, he said his neck is a little sore if he touches it, but that's it. I'm in a little bit more rough shape and my side of the car has the most impact. My neck, shoulders and chest are really sore today. Yawning, sneezing and coughing aren't so much fun. But this is nothing.

Here's our vehicle. Unfortunately it's still in Ucluelet so it's making things a little bit more difficult and frustrating to deal with.


  1. Thank the Lord you guys are ok!!! Car accidents are so scary, no matter how minor they might be. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Awe, this post started out so great. We took our girls to Tofino in the fall last year and loved it. Such a great spot. I can imagine how wonderful it would have been in the summer and with your favourite guy! ; )
    But what a surprise ending. I hope you are managing to put it behind you and not relive it in your mind. Glad to hear that no one was tragically injured.
    I am sure that experiencing something like this makes your hugs for Cheyenne extra big these days.
    Wishing you both a peaceful recovery from this.
    I look forward to your photos.

  3. Good to hear that you are ok. Hope you heal soon!


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