Bookstore Inspiration

I love bookstores. I could probably spend hours and hours in a bookstore if given the opportunity. There's something about being surrounded by millions of books that inspires me. Not that I'll ever read all these books, or even attempt to, but it's still inspiring.

I admit, I judge a book by it's cover. I'm drawn to books with unique colours and designs. I'm often tempted to buy books only because I like the cover and think it would look great in my Library (by 'Library' I mean the tall, narrow BILLY bookcase hidden in the corner of my living room that can hold maybe 50 books.)

Coffee table books are another weakness of mine. Not that I ever buy them or have someone on my coffee table to put them, but I'm still drawn to them. I love ones with great pictures or quotes.

Today Cheyenne and I had a little mother-daughter bonding time at Chapters. This is my usual route when I go to this bookstore: I start at the Sale tables right as you enter the store. Then I veer right to the baby section and other home accessories. After that I make my way over to the journals. Then I'll do a quick browse through the parenting/baby section before trying a different aisle. Depending on how much time I have, I might browse the Christianity/Religion section (usually just for a brief glance), and the Photography section, or the Women's Health section. I always finish at the Starbucks!

I'm also a huge sucker for journals. I used to be a big journal writer, and then I got married and felt like I didn't need to write out all my thoughts and feelings anymore because I verbalized them to my husband. And then came the wonderful world of online journaling. I've had a few blogs over the past few years to keep family and friends in the loop of what's going on in my life. But there's nothing better than actually picking up a journal and writing. Lately I've been thinking that I'd like to start journaling on paper again. I love the personal/intimate side of it, compared to Blogging where you have to filter what you write based on how much you want your audience to know about you. And since I'd like to try spending less time on the computer I think journaling will be a more productive option to my journaling needs. I like the idea of having something physical to hold and read and I'd like to pass on my journal's to Cheyenne and future children one day, especially since the journals I write now will mostly be about them!

Anyway, I bought a journal. haha. I'm always more motivated to start a new endeavor if I have cute stationary to do it with! And then I found a weekly calendar with the same pattern as my journal, so I bought that too. I also bought a baby book for Cheyenne. My original plan was to scrapbook my own baby book for her but I'm starting to think more realistically about my plans and this is definitely not something that would get done any time soon. So now I can just fill in the blanks and don't have to worry about making my own. Excellent.

These were my purchases of the day:

Her baby book.

My calendar (which is the same pattern as my journal.)

I hope you're enjoying your Canada Day "Long" Weekend. It's not a long weekend for us, my husband had to work yesterday and today. But hopefully we can still do something fun this weekend!


  1. Hello again,
    I like this post. I can relate to it all. I love a good walk through Chapters and I always check out a crisp new journal... Your eye catches all the same things that mine would! Love that calendar!

  2. Ah, you have good taste then, Kristin! ;) Thanks for commenting again! Love it!


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