|MONICA| relive the dress

A few weeks ago I mentioned on Facebook that I had shot the ultimate Relive the Dress session. Let me introduce you to my mom! Her and my dad celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary this year. My mom and I thought it would be fun if she got back in her wedding dress and took some pictures. So we did. And it was. Fun, that is. Here's what we ended up with...


  1. wow, they all look nice. Thank you for yhe fun.

  2. her dress is so beautiful, and so is she!

  3. Glad you like them!

    Not a bad dress for the 70's, eh!

  4. my favorite are the last one and the 4th last one. I like the one by the window too and #5 and 9 are good too, hard to choose the best one.

  5. Oh you have been a very busy Mama lately! Lots of shoots!
    LOVE this idea!
    I am sure your mom looks as gorgeous in it today as she did 32 years ago! Awesome!
    I love 6, 12, 13 and the last one.

  6. Very busy!!! =) but good busy! I love it.

    More shoots to post yet once I finish editing them! Fun fun!

  7. love the dress! Vanessa, this is the first time I saw how much you look like your Mom! :)

  8. it's true.. I have her genes!


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