Tofino... the Good Days

Our first weekend away from our daughter ended quite badly, leaving a poor reflection on our time away. On our ride to the ferry in the bus I asked James if he had a good time, aside from the accident. He said he  couldn't remember. The hugeness of the accident over-rided any other thought that we previously had. Bummer.

We really did have a great time the first 2 days in Tofino. Our hotel/inn was great. It was small, only 7 rooms, and was catered for couples, no children allowed. It was fabulous having our own private hot tub on our balcony, over looking Cable Cove. The first day, Friday, we wandered the streets a bit and had dinner at the Schooner restaurant and bought some cake for dessert and drank lots of wine. That's my kind of vacation! I'm thankful that I can be away from my daughter and really enjoy myself. We think about her and talk about her but in positive ways. She's such a huge part of our lives and one of the biggest joys in our lives so how could we not bring her up?? But other than those few parental conversations we really didn't think about her, and fully soaked in our time alone.

On Saturday we roamed the streets of the small town again, this time with my camera in hand. I often purposely leave my camera at home when we go out because I get so absorbed in taking pictures it kind of makes me anti-social and makes me feel separated from whoever I'm with. I enjoy it differently with and without my camera. But this time, my camera won.

We won't talk about Sunday. Let's just remember the good times! (But one thing I will mention as an update is that I'm feeling so much better. A few tight spots but nothing a little massage and chiro can't fix!! Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!)

Here we go...

We spent much time on this balcony!

Did I mention that I like wine? haha. And I'm trying to teach my husband to take pictures with my camera so I can have some of me too!

This is the woman behind the camera! Don't worry, on most occasions my hair isn't flying away on me and I wear sunglasses so I don't have to squint so hard!

This is part of our hotel, the walkway down to the cove.

The do spa treatments in a little gazebo overlooking the cove.

These next few are from our walk around town on Saturday.

Postcards of Tofino that we didn't get around to mailing because of the unmentionable Sunday circumstance!

This town is a big surf-town.

This guy had quite the array of stuff on his lawn. I just loved the big sign on the front. And the cow skulls that have names under them. Awesome.

Our balcony.

We spent some time at Long Beach on Saturday. These next few photos were taken there.

We spent some time playing chess at the hotel. I haven't played chess in years. Neither has my husband so we were a good match! I won most of the time ;)

And here is the picture I posted a couple weeks ago.


  1. Good to see pictures of the good part of your trip! Looks like a beautiful place - too bad you guys now hate it! haha

  2. Honestly, we already didn't love it before the accident so it really didn't ruin it for us! Just solidified our feelings! haha


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