This might be a constant struggle for me in the years to come. How do you find balance in your life between family, work, friends, house stuff, and down time. That is the question. Anyone have the answer?

The problem is that I really like what I do now. I've never had this happen to me before! I love doing photo shoots and seeing the outcomes and learning new techniques, etc. I love editing the pictures too. That's usually what takes up most of my time, but I enjoy it so it's hard not to do it! I don't have much time during the day to edit, depending on my daughter's naps and stuff that needs to get done around the house, so I end up doing lots when she goes to bed at night but that's when I want to spend time with my husband.

My goal is to set up a bit of an office downstairs. Just a desk in a corner. I want to have a specific place where I do my work so that it doesn't interfere with the rest of my life. We only have one laptop, which is our computer and it's where we do everything. Eventually I'll get a computer that's just for my business, but for now the laptop is all I got. It lives in our family room so it's always around and we're on it constantly. Especially now since I'm always editing. Even though I love it, I know that I might soon hate it if it affects my family life in a negative way. So... office. That's my next step. Then whenever I want to edit pictures I'll take my laptop downstairs to my "office" and work there and when I'm done, I'm done. I'll bring the laptop back upstairs but not to use for editing. And in the evenings I'll give myself X amount of time to go down and edit and then the rest of the evening will be meant to spend with my husband or for myself, to read or whatever.

That's my plan as of right now. We'll see how it goes. It's really hard being a stay at home mom and having a stay at home job! The 2 kind of want to butt heads every now and then.

Like I've said a million times, I'm really enjoying my new life as a photographer. It makes me so happy. I've never gone to school for photography or taken any courses, and I definitely don't follow all the "rules" to photography, but I think that's added to my style and has made my photographs what they are.

Another thing I've realized about my "style", or whatever you want to call it, is that I don't really do many black and white photos. I throw some in for the client because I know some people love them, but personally I love the colour ones so much better. Especially when you get the perfect lighting and colours around you. Sometimes black and white comes in handy for a great shot were the lighting was a little wonky. But overall, I like my colours!! =)

I have a few more photo shoots this next week, including a wedding next Friday! I'm not the main photographer but it'll be so great to be part of this wedding and capture some photos and get a feel for what photographing a wedding is like.

Anyway, it's been hot here this week. We've been trying to stay cool however we can. Cheyenne goes to extreme measures....

The Tupperware Mega Thatsa-Bowl comes in handy!

Yup, these are boy shoes but they were $2.99 at The Children's Place and exactly what I was looking for!

I love how the water is dripping off her bum! Cute.

Hope you're all planning an extravagant weekend!  Not much happening on my end, but tomorrow is Pizza Night so that makes the whole weekend awesome. Hope yours is too! If it's not, eat pizza =)


  1. I know what you mean about struggling to find balance. It is definitely a hard thing to do. Especially for me. I have a part time career on top of it. I hope your plan works for having an office.
    Love the black & whites, but for this specific set, I LOVE them in color!

  2. Christina- I think it would be that much harder if I had an out of home job yet too. But we'll figure it out! And I'm not totally anti-BW! Just 80% of the time I like colour better ;)

  3. Were these taken on your balcony? The bowl works great as a pool. She's so cute. :)

  4. Yup, that's our balcony!

  5. love the shoes.

  6. Me too! They're like crocs, but they're not crocs which makes them awesome! haha. And they were cheap, which is the best part.


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