|ASHLEY, SAM & PAIGE| family

I ventured out over the vast Golden Ears Bridge to meet this lovely family at the Maple Ridge Park. I'm glad that I did! They were a great couple and had a great daughter! What a cutie patutie. She definitely gave me a good workout that night seeing as she was on the go. The. Whole. Time! But it was great! I love watching little ones run around and get excited about all their new surroundings.

After looking at these photos you might call me a hypocrite and that's ok. I was on a Black and White kick today. It just worked so good for these photos and this location and the lighting that day! So there. Enjoy!

I just have to say, Blogger just came out with a new image uploader thing today and it's amazing! Multiple photo uploads and inserts! Makes my life just a little bit easier!


  1. I ADORE babies in jeans! Great pictures!

  2. Thanks Lisa! I know what you mean, jeans are too cute!


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