|DENISE| trash the dress- Part One

Denise is one of closest friends. She's one of the few people that know me almost better than I know myself! She moved away last year so her husband could go to University and I miss her like crazy. Luckily, her and her husband came for a short visit a few weeks ago and she agreed to model for me. We had been planning this session for a few months already and thought I might have to cancel it due to the accident. But I didn't. I was determined to do this shoot. And we did! And it was fabulous. Denise is so gorgeous and I have so many favourite images!

These are my favourites as of right now from our time at Granville Island, the pre-actually-trashing-the-dress location. Hope you enjoy and  thanks again, Denise, for helping me out!

Now I just have to finish editing the ones from the ocean! Stay tuned for Part Two!


  1. I love the first one.

  2. Anonymous21.12.10

    wOW! vANESSA! I found your comment on Open source about a general question about composition.. and then noticed how you had a site and so have been looking at that too. I am inspired that you have done so well in such a short time and you are my motivation to learn as well.. I hope that I could write to you on FB and ask for help on how you got started.. I live in tiny ol New Zealand but would love to learn from you :) Corina Peyroux


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