|ROBYN & ANDREW| couple

A couple months ago I got this lovely email in my inbox from someone who had come across my blog, liked what they saw, and felt like they should tell me so. I'm SO glad that Robyn did just that. Not only did it make my day, but it led to Tuesday nights fabulous photo shoot!

Robyn Michelle-Lee is also a photographer in the lower mainland. We've sent a bunch of emails back and forth now (and have another fabulous photo shoot planned in the future with some other photographers!) so it was so great to finally meet her in person. Her and her husband are an amazing couple, super easy going and easy to talk to and, heck, they're both gorgeous so taking pictures of them was a breeze!

We met at Jericho Beach, and by that I mean they were at Jericho Beach and I was at Spanish Banks thinking I was at Jericho beach. So after a few phone calls and questions like, "Are you by the sailboats?" "Are you near the guy dumping the kayak?" "Can you see the washrooms?" we finally met along the path. What a picturesque backdrop the downtown Vancouver makes. Wow. After the shoot we grabbed some lattes from Starbucks and shared bits of our lives and got to know each other that much better. I'm so glad we did! Robyn and Andrew, you guys are great!

This was my first time doing a shoot at sun down. I've done a few close to sunset, but never as the sun went down, and afterwards. So, this was a good learning experience. It took a little more effort to edit because I wasn't always sure my white balance was right, etc. But I'm thrilled with the end result! I'm posting about a billion photos because there were too many that I loved, and because I can. So there. Enjoy.

Thanks for looking! Tomorrow is my first wedding! I'm also doing the bride's hair in the morning so there's twice as many things to be nervous about... and things to remember!


  1. Oh la la! Those are definite eye candy! What a stunning couple! How great that you both got together! This was an amazing shoot for you! I love so many of them!

  2. I know eh! Stunning couple! I'm glad you like them!

  3. you did so good! the minute i saw these at robyn's blog i just had to stop by here :).

  4. Thank you Mariel! I'm glad you stopped by!

  5. These are just so totally AWESOME!!!! Great work!


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