Osoyoos is heaven on earth. In my opinion. My family used to go up there EVERY summer over the August long weekend for 10 days. We had the same room every year. The people next to us, and 5 rooms down either way from us, were always the same. It was a huge reunion of sorts at the Desert Motor Inn (now it's Coast Hotel or something lame.)

Osoyoos. I have so many fond memories of that place. If I could go back to one place over and over and over again, it would be Osoyoos (No, not Manitoba! haha). I would buy a place out there just to stay at in the summers. That's how fabulous it is.

If you're not familiar with BC geography let me tell you. Osoyoos is the only desert in Canada (I think) and it's amazing. It's hot and gorgeous. There's tons of wineries around the area and heaps of fruit stands. If I wasn't allergic to fruit I would spent mucho money at these places.

Osoyoos, I've come to realize, is not a place for camping. It is a place for being in a hotel along the lake. Waking up with the sound of waves lapping against the shore (they don't crash, they lap, if that's even a word) and walking out of your room onto your balcony that overlooks the lake and the Sleeping Indian (that's what the mountain range in front of you looks like and that's what I was told it was called!) And then you walk down from your balcony, onto the beach, and sit and read and drink beer, and go in the lake, and bask in the sun.

Heaven, no?

Anyway, this summer we went there and camped, which wasn't my most favourite thing to do there as previously mentioned, but it worked. Plus, we got to take the ol' Bonair out again, and that's always fabulous. We get lots of attention with that thing.

On the way home we stopped at Manning Park for a stretch and diaper change and snack. There were tons of gophers running around and they must get fed a lot because these things were no strangers to humans! They literally came up to you, so much so that Cheyenne stepped on one. And I pet a couple of them. Kind of cute, but I'm a little nature-y when it comes to critters in the wild.

Here's some pictures of Cheyenne, mainly, enjoying the place!

Cheyenne has a thing... she puts her leg in the air all the time. Very interesting.

Testing out the water and the new floaty ``bug``, it`s supposed to be like a VW bug!

My current work in progress!

Too cute for words. So I had to take a picture!

Camping requires a lot of MacGyver moves, including bath time.

She LOVES it!

I think someone`s going to be a fan of crappy 70`s music! haha.

After I took the previous picture I put my camera away and turned around and saw this next picture and  thought it was worthy of a memory!

At Manning Park on the way home.

Mmm. Mmm. MMmmmm. She`s so darn CUTE!

There you have it folks. The 1980 Bonair. Awesome.

Thanks for stopping by! I`ll be away from my computer for a few days so no posts for a little while.


  1. So I like this post for a few reasons....
    #1 I LOVE the edit on the "girl pulling down her swimsuit" photo
    #2 I've gotta get my wee Karis in a rubbermaid tote too! Cheyenne looks so delicious in it!
    #3 We just came back from a week in Kelowna - where we stayed in a hotel and it was hot hot hot and great!
    #4 While we were in Kelowna, my husband bought us a 1968 TravelAire trailer for camping! ; ) Gotta love the vintage wheels! ; )

    ; )

  2. That's awesome Kristin! Let the good times roll!


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