Ode to the Shootsac

I used my Shootsac for the first time for the wedding on Friday. What a fabulous little bag! My only negative feedback about it is that there's no extra compartment for holding things like your keys, chap stick, wallet, etc. It'd be nice if the middle opened up as one big open bag part for all those little accessories we need to tag along with us.

But other than that, it was great! It made changing lenses so much easier. I kept the back over off the lenses for quick changes. Awesome. Here it is in all it's Baroque glory!

P.S. I'm writing this post in my new "office". It's pretty sweet, aside from the baby chatting away in the monitor on the desk beside me when she should be sleeping. Who knew this salon would be so multi-functional! It is a salon/wine cellar/storage/office.


  1. Love the shootsac! I love that fabric - I've made so many things out of fabric like that because it's gorgeous.

  2. It is pretty fantabulous fabric!

  3. Anonymous17.8.10

    Shootsacs look great - but they are so overpriced!
    Very convenient for weddings though - stylish!


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