Christie & Gavin's Wedding Sneak Peek

Last night's wedding at The Brock House Restaurant was divine. Short and sweet, full of class and elegance... and kilts! Christie, born and raised in BC, and Gavin, born and raised in Scotland, met in Montreal where they were both attending McGill University. They live in Scotland and came out to Vancouver for their wedding. I could have stayed there all night. The accents. The gorgeous couple. Gavin's infectious smile. The sunset. The elegance. The jokes. Her bird cage veil!! It was all so beautiful!

We didn't have very long for portraits, but the images that we got are amazing. They are so cute together, and the gorgeous light on the beach was perfect! These are just a few of my favourite images from yesterday. Hope you enjoy!


  1. LOVE that last one - gorgeous!

  2. Is that sunshine I see? Nice work lady! Glad the sun came out special for you!

  3. thanks Ang!

    And YES, that is sunshine!! There were many comments made by the Scots about that sun. Apparently they rarely see it in the UK!

  4. Anonymous24.7.11

    Beautiful pictures Vanessa. Can't wait to see them all :)


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