The Last of Vegas

I told you I had some serious catching up to do with my editing. Being away from home with the rest of my family means ample amounts of time to myself since there are 5 other people around that would gladly take Girlie off my hands! So, on a rainy day here I sat down and started at the top of my folders in Lightroom. That took me back to January. Pictures of Cheyenne that I hadn't edited yet, she was 7 months younger. Wow, it's amazing how much someone can change in 7 months! I'm still not anywhere near fully caught up, but I've got a good head start!

So, here are a few more images from my time in Las Vegas in February.

Also, today is my last day as a 25 year old. Tomorrow is my birthday. July 28. Mark it in your calendars. Just kidding. It's been a long, long time since I've celebrated my birthday in this town. Growing up we were always here for my birthday. So it's nice. Hopefully the weather will be in my favour! It's kind of hit and miss here this year. Oh well. Still loving being away from home for awhile and having a pool to lounge by on the sunny days!

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