A Year's Worth of Blessings

I almost forgot. Until I was on the phone with someone who asked about my neck and shoulder injuries and if I was still in pain or if the pain was still gone from that miraculous night. As she mentioned this I looked at the date. July 18. One year ago today, we were in the serious car accident. (See pictures and the story Here.)

Gross. I still get shivers thinking about that day. I can still hear that popping sound of the other car hitting ours. I still find my mind wandering to the "what-if's" of the situation that could have made it fatal. I still find myself thanking God again and again for safety that day.

And then there was that moment, exactly six months ago today, that I will never, ever forget. Healing. Miracle. Prayer. That night, surrounded by ten other followers of Christ, laying their hands on me and pleading with God for healing. That night when I literally physically felt the touch of the Holy Spirit in my shoulders, neck, head. Full on healing. I walked away after that healing with no more pain. None. And it's never come back, either. Just writing that makes me still with awe.

If you haven't read that story yet, please take a minute to read it Here. And if you have read it, read it again! I find I am encouraged again and again by what happened that night.

Who knew God could take such a grave, awful situation and bring something so good from it. Love it.

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