I Love DIY... Especially Fabrics!

I spent two hours in the fabric store with my mom the other night. We're planning to rid of all the gross metal pull-up blinds in our house, starting with the main floor. Man oh man. Creativity overload. So many choices/options/ideas/textures/colours. Wow. At the end of the visit, I walked out with 4 fabrics. One for the sliding doors beside my desk which will be roman blinds; one for the valence for those blinds; two for accent pieces, either pillow cases or to re-cover this awesome retro chair I bought at the Salvation Army the other day. Here's what I brought home (I took these pictures at night, with the spotlight on them, so the colours are a bit off, but you get the idea!):

The white fabric with the dark grey pattern is for the sliding doors; the fuscia satin-y material is for the valence for that door; and the other two are for my accent pieces. I'm on love. Excited to pick out more for the rest of the room!

Spending some time away from home with my whole family for ten days at the moment. It's glorious. Hot, hot weather (aside from the rain drops that are currently falling from the sky) and lots of visiting, talking, and I brought my computer so I can edit and do the things I never have time for at home (like make a Pinterest account! haha!!)

Happy Monday!

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  1. AAAHHHHH those are SOOOO gorgeous! I'm SO proud of you for spending TWO hours in a fabric store!! haha


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