Jessica & Michael's Wedding Sneak Peek

I have been DYING to post some Sneak Peeks ever since I got home last night. There is so much I could and want to say about yesterday's wedding but I'll save that for their blog post. It was truly epic, in my opinion! One of my favourites to date. But I say that all the time! haha.

I can't tell you how many times I cried yesterday. Seriously. Why am I so emotional??!! When Jessica's dad walked into the Bride's Room to see her in her dress for the first time that morning there were tears all around. Jessica, her dad, me. :) Truly a special moment and a special day.

I loved, LOVED that Michael and Jessica rented a few vintage items for their photo shoot!!!! It was a photographer's heaven!

And the theme of the wedding is maybe my favourite part. When I met with Michael and Jessica back in December I asked them if they had a theme for their wedding.  They did. Jessica read this line somewhere and knew she wanted it to be the theme, it sums up every. last. detail.

Into The Day Softly

Gorgeous, no? Add elements of Pride and Prejudice into the day and you've got their wedding covered. Man oh man. I'm in love. And so are they. Beautiful.

Here are just three shots from yesterday, but there will be oh so many more to come!

Michael and Jessica, thanks again asking me to be part of your day in such a special way. I truly enjoyed every minute of it, and your love for God and each other is infectious. Honestly. I felt like the day felt like a worship experience. I'm honoured to have been able to share in that. Thank you. Have an amazing time in Mexico!!!

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  1. Her dress is beautiful! And I love the colours of the flowers!


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