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It's Canada Day. "That is brand new information!" Sorry, that was a Phoebe moment! Gotta love Friends! We spent the morning on the main strip in Osoyoos and watched a Canada Day Parade. It went on for a long time. I didn't think Osoyoos had that many things to put in a parade! There will be fireworks yet tonight, so we'll probably watch those as well.

This year we're spending this long weekend in the Okanagan with my family. This is most definitely one of my most favourite places on earth. It is one of the few places that I would gladly return to to visit over and over and over and over again. It never gets old for me. I love the heat, the lake and pool, the way it feels like I flew to an all-inclusive destination yet it's only a less than 5 hour drive from my home, the endless amount of wineries. I also think a big part of why I love this place so much is because it's so nostalgic. Or I get so nostalgic when I'm here. My family came up here, to the same hotel, to the same hotel room, with the same group of friends, at the same time of year (August long weekend), for a good 20 years. Basically until I got married. My parents still came after that but James and I could only stop in for shorter amounts of time, and not every year because of our work situations and stuff.

Needless to say, I'm enjoying my time here. I'm enjoying not thinking about all the editing that is waiting for me on my desk top computer at home. All the empty boxes that are needing to be filled with the remainder of the objects in our home that have made up our lives for the last many years. I don't think I ever officially mentioned on here that we sold our house and bought a new place! Well, we did! We move next Saturday! (That's the main reason I haven't been around much, life is a little crazy, to put it lightly!)


This is the first of many weekends this summer that we will be spending up here. That makes me very happy! I even get to celebrate my birthday here in a few weeks which makes me even more nostalgic! Out of the 20 years that I came here religiously every year, my birthday was celebrated here about 90% of the time! July 28. It's a good day!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers, and also to you non-Canadian readers! Any reason to have a party is a good day in my books! Looking forward to the fourth of July! :)

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