Crazy Pants

Yesterday was my 26th birthday! It was a great day spent lounging by the pool, reading chapter after chapter in my book, bbq steaks for dinner, my favourite cake for dessert, a game of mini golf that I won, and a gorgeous gift from my whole family! I'll post about that later. I still need to take some pictures!!

Today's post goes back a few months...

When I was in Australia I picked up a pair of sweet pants for Cheyenne. I couldn't resist. They were just. too. cute. Australia has a lot of Thai and Indian influences in their stores, which is where I found these. Cheyenne loves them, or at least she used to! We called them her 'Crazy Pants' because, well, they look pretty crazy! haha. I took these few months ago. Cheyenne and her crazy pants...


  1. Anonymous29.7.11

    Those are SO cute!----Melissa

  2. Happy Birthday Vanessa....so glad to hear that it was so wonderful! Cheyenne looks adorable in her crazy pants :-)

  3. She would be cute in any pants. I bet they were very comfy.
    Glad you had a good birthday!

  4. Wow! You are only 26 and so much accomplished in life already! Very impressive!
    LOVE your girl in her crazy pants!
    Happy Birthday to you!


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