Settling In

We have been in our new place for a week and a day now. It feels like less because I was away for most of last week. The move went fabulous. We had so many amazing friends come out to help us which was awesome. We had every loaded into the truck and unloaded into the new place in less than 4 hours.

There's still lots to do here. I feel like we've got a good start already. but we're nowhere near close to being done. We need to paint the entire house. The previous owners had a hay day with some screws and a screwdriver, apparently. There are holes all over the place! Lots of chips in the walls, random things here and there. And we have big plans to build a wall unit of shelves and cupboards above the fireplace! In the end it will look amazing. Right now, it looks alright. :) There is great potential though, and I'm excited for the changes to  come! I'll be taking some before pictures yet so I can show you how much we do to this place.

Anyway, Step One was a trip to IKEA. We bought a bunch of new furniture to replace our old IKEA furniture that has served its time and needs to move on. Plus, my style has changed so those pieces just don't fit my new vision. We also bought a new desk and chair for my office space! I absolutely love my little nook! It's perfect! It does require me to calibrate my monitor a whole lot more because of the natural light constantly changing, but it's worth it! It's so nice to sit beside a window while I do my work. Oh, and I bought a new light fixture for my office area as well, LOVE it!

And now comes Step Two. Painting. Yay! The process of selecting paint colours gets me a little stressed out, but once we finally decide on the colour and buy the cans of paint I get pretty stoked! We're starting with our living room/kitchen/dining room space. I've picked a nice grey colour, accented by white furniture in the living room. I have great plans for this space, mostly consisting of great fabrics and decor! After the living room, we'll paint our bedroom. I hate beige. Hate it. Our whole house is beige right now. Not even variations of beige on different walls. Just beige. On EVERY wall. Sorry, that's a lie. One room is mint green with bright Winnie the Pooh wall paper along the middle of the walls, with bright underwater themed curtains. It's pretty awesome. :)

I took a few shots of a few things around our house today to share with you. There will definitely be more to come! All these images were taken with my new 100mm f/2.8 lens which I'm starting to become quite fond of!

This is my new light in my "office". It's from Home Depot. I think it suits my space perfectly!

My new desk, chair and office space. And some pretty flowers from my mom to brighten up our new place!

On the left we have our living room paint colour choice: Veil. A nice grey. I'll be accenting the space with different colours, and there will definitely be some turquoise in the mix! On the right we have some paint swatches as potentials for our bedroom. The fabric you see here is our duvet cover. I'm planning on painting the wall behind our bed something similar to the darkest colour, kind of like a brown/charcoal mix, as the accent wall. And the rest of the room will probably be a light, soft blue of some sort. We're thinking of painting our bed frame white, too. It's a dark brown right now. I'm just ready for change!

Currently, I'm thinking of using the middle blue colour as my wall colour and the top brown colour (on the right) as my accent wall. What do you think? And these are our new lamp shades from IKEA! They're white. Love them!

Ok, that's all I got for you right now! James is in the process of getting the walls ready for putty and paint. This next week will be Project: Paint the Living Space.

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  1. I have a friend painting with the same shade - veil! Must be a good choice!

  2. no way! that's neat. I guess it's "in" right now! :)

  3. i LOVE turquoise! i'm glad the move went well - you know you're listening to God's will when it just feels right.

    ps. my entire house is beige, so i feel ya. well, except my room, thank goodness.

  4. it's true! sorry to hear about your beige house ;)

  5. LOVING the style! Delicious colour scheme. Great ideas!
    Kevin works for BEHR paint so we say "Yay BEHR!"
    We have the same lampshades from IKEA. Love them!
    That Home Depot lamp is PERFECT for you/your style! I might have to find a place for it in my home. I love it!
    What a fun post and new lens! ; )

  6. thanks Kristin! love the multi-comment comment :)


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