Bed Sheets and Pig Tails

My husband and I are somewhat of a typical married couple. He gets annoyed when I run a few minutes late, I get annoyed when he leaves the bath mat on the floor after his shower. Like I said, typical. But the one thing that frustrates me more than anything is waking up at night to my sheets being pulled off my body. My husband is like a steam roller at night. One small turn and he takes all the sheets with him, like dough getting stuck on a rolling pin. I end up waking up from this because all of a sudden I've gone from my warm cocoon state to feeling the cool air from the fan all over me. Not cool.

Solution: Buy a King size sheet (for a Queen size bed). Now we each have about 3 feet on either side of us for extra coverage in extreme turning situations.

Also, my daughter has hair. Yes, all of you random strangers who aren't reading this but have said that my daughter looks bald due to her super fine blonde hair are now proven wrong. I can put her hair in pig tails. She's a girl. With hair. So there.


  1. Love the pig tails! So cute and so exciting for little Cheyenne!

  2. Those are the cutest pigtails I've ever seen!

  3. ha ha ha, too cute

  4. Awesome! So cute! Suddenly she seems so much older now.

  5. I can finally make use of some clips and berets that I have! haha. poor girl doesn't know what's coming her way!


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