TRESSA & DENIS /maternity

I love doing photo shoots in fabulous locations! I'm very much inspired by Urban settings. Lots of textured walls. Concrete. Doors. Windows. Colour. Graffiti. You get the idea. On Wednesday night I met Tressa and Denis in New Westminster, right by The Keg. You'll remember Tressa from an early session when I photographed her baby shower. Tressa is due in about 2 weeks so we made it in time! Now that the maternity pictures are done their little one can come any time it wants! =)

Anyway, location. I love it. We maybe walked around a 1 block radius and I had more than enough fabulous pictures to choose from! Tressa was stunning and such a natural in front of the camera. Seriously photogenic and such a gorgeous Mamma-to-be! Being preggo suits you, Tressa ;)

So, being as inspired and excited as I was about this session I finished editing all the pictures already. Wowza! haha. It's good, though, because I had an engagement session tonight, and I have a fabulous session on Sunday and another couples session soon after in another fabulous location! Busy busy busy. Love it Love it Love it.

Here's just a few of my favourites from Tressa and Denis' maternity shoot!


  1. Anonymous11.9.10

    You did such a great job, wow! I love that you could capture this moment for us


  2. Loving the ultrasound photo! Awesome!


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