The Itsy Bitsy Spyder

I made yet another purchase for my business today. I've noticed that when I look at pictures that I've edited on my Mac computer on my laptop, they look completely different. Not good. We tried messing around with the actual colour setting in the Mac itself and compared the colours to the ones that I got printed from the professional lab but it still wasn't quite right. So I bought the Spyder 3 Express Monitor Calibration thing today. Not sure what it does exactly but it looks like a little alien off of The Matrix and it supposed to go on my screen and make the colours perfect. Not sure what defines "perfect" for this Spyder but it should know. I think.

I'm doing a shoot tomorrow with a few other photographers that I'm really excited about! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and at least not rain for us!

Here's a look at last night's engagement session in Campbell Valley Park.


  1. Argh, that whole 'colours looking different' thing is something that I have tried to figure out on my MAC colour settings and iPhoto settings. Drives me nuts! I've heard of that colour thingy from a photographer friend of mine, but can't really justify it for just for fun photos! Hope its working out for you. ; )

  2. I know, one more expense but for me it's kind of a must! Hopefully it did what it was supposed to and my colours will match up now!

  3. Awesome photo! Love it!


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