A good friend of ours is in an '80's cover band called HEATSEEKER. He's been ranting and raving about this band since he joined and we had never had the opportunity to see them live in concert for ourselves. Until Thursday night, that is.

If you're an '80's music connoisseur then you would be SO stoked to be at one of their concerts. I was born in 1985 so I kind of missed that era of music, but my husband grew up on AC/DC and Guns 'n Roses so he was a fair judge of their talent. And he was blown away. The songs they played were all classic '80's songs (I admit I maybe only knew 2/3 of the songs!) and they pulled off each song as if they were in the actual original band. They even donned outfits circa 1980 to boot. Tight pants, mullet wigs, black nail pollish. It definitely took you back!

SO if you've got an upcoming social gathering of some sort, whether that be a work Christmas party, birthday, anniversary, maybe even a wedding, and want some classic solid entertainment, well you might want to give these guys a shout. They're pretty impressive!

I've never taken photos at a concert before so this was a fun challenge! I can't say that I want to go into Concert Photography, but I had my camera with so I used it! The main singer had the most light on him so I got more shots of him than the rest of the band!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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