SHARON & GEOFF /engagement

This was my first engagement session! Not that it's any different from a regular couples session, just a few more ring-focused shots, I guess. I went to the same high school as Sharon, she was 2 years younger, so this wedding will be fun! Lots of familiar faces!

We did the photos at Campbell Valley Park. I went there a few days before to see if I could find this co-called barn and school house that people always talked about. And I did! It does exist! So that's where we were and it's a great location. Too bad we couldn't go in the barn that day, it was already closed. And the school house would be a great place to take pictures inside, but I don't know if it's ever open to the public, but it's all set up like an old school house would be!

Just a note, Sharon's lovely hair was done by Nicole Hilson.

Anyway, thanks for being such great models and I'm looking forward to photographing your wedding in November!

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