Website and Big Macs

Hi, I'm here! I know it's been awhile and I haven't been maintaining my daily post quota. BUT I have great excuses!!! The main one being that I have been busily working on my website and am proud to say that it's officially in Cyber space, for all the world to see! If you haven't seen it yet, then, first of all, you need to "Like" my Facebook page for all the current updates! And secondly, you need to check out this website ASAP!.....


You'll notice on there (again, if you are part of my Facebook page you already know this) that I have a new logo and design overall. This is a HUUUGEEE thank you to my friend, Frances, of Frances Eden Creative who did all my branding and designing and I couldn't be happier with the result!

I also bought a new computer for my office. It's a Mac. I've only ever owned PC's so this is a huge step for me. It's like meeting someone from a different country for the first time and trying to learn their culture. It's not easy. Everything's different. I don't normally do too good with change but I'm embracing the Mac. I love the big screen. I love working with a mouse, my finger always cramped up using the laptop.

We also have all the updated and new software for this computer as well, since the programs I had were for PC, not Mac. But it's great! Still need to get used to all the new functions of the Mac and transfer all my files over, so things might slow down just slightly for a little bit. But once it's all done, I'll be working like rapid fire!

I just have to test the colour quality with my Professional printers again to make sure I'm calibrated with them so we don't get any funky colourings going on.

Anyway, I had a photo shoot yesterday with one of my high school volleyball coaches and her oh-so-adorable son!!!! Here's a quick Sneak Peek and it's the first photo with my new watermark (name) on it!! Thanks again, Frances!

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