Summer Into Fall

Summer is winding down. The rain is falling. School starts tomorrow for people going back to school. The heat has died down. Fall is approaching. Can't say I'm upset about all that!

We went on our final camping trip of the year this weekend. It was a nice lake out in the middle of nowhere. Literally. We were following my brother-in-law and James and I were certain we were lost. But we did end up finding the rest of the gang. We didn't get a ton of sleep and had to endure a bit of a torrential downpour on Saturday night along with a random idiotic drunk driver who happened to find our spot. Twice. I'm not even going to get started on that whole thing because I get enraged just thinking about it.

So. How was your summer? Overall we had a fabulous summer, full of camping, visiting friends and watching our daughter grow into more of a little girl every day! She's pretty much turned into our little parrot. She'll copy everything you say. It's hilarious.

I don't have any pictures to share today so I thought I'd do another post about me! Here are 10 more things you may or may not know about me.

1. Autumn is my most favourite season and time of year. It was a no-brainer for me to plan an October wedding. I love the colours of the leaves. The fresh air and the rain. The lazy days spent inside. (Ok, that last thing might not be so fun this year with a toddler who needs to release some energy! But we'll try!)
2. My favourite fruit and flavour is raspberries!
3. I can't do the 'hang loose' symbol with my hand. It's physically impossible. Doesn't help that I'm a little double jointed to boot!
4. Two of my favourite sounds are the sound that the turn signal makes in the car and also the sound of windshield wipers going in the rain.
5. The one item of make-up that I can't live without is my mascara. I won't leave the house without it and usually bring it camping with me.
6. I grew up speaking German. I mentioned before that my parents were born in South America so English was their second language. I apparently learned English when I was about 4 years old from watching Sesame Street. I can hardly speak German now so don't even ask!
7. My favourite city in BC to vacation in is definitely Osoyoos.
8. My eye doctor told me that I have larger than average pupils which explains why I need to wear sunglasses year round when I'm driving. Even gray days hurt my eyes.
9. My taste in music is pretty spread out. Aside from heavy metal and jazzy stuff, I like it all. But my favourite bands/singers are Missy Higgins, Keith Urban and The Killers.
10. I love music and every once in awhile I hear one that tugs on every emotional string in my body. The songs that make me choke up every time are: Fix You by Coldplay, Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk and Sugarcane by Missy Higgins.

I've got some great shoots coming up! I just need more time in the day to get them all ready for posting!

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