Messy Times

First of all, I have to say how grateful I am to all of you that have had or will have sessions with me, or just like what you see and consistently comment on photos or email me your thoughts! Your support has been overwhelming and I feel like I have you to thank for the way my business is progressing thus far. Thank you to all of you that have mentioned my name to someone, or who have handed out my business cards, or have emailed me an encouraging word. All of it has been so beneficial to my success and so appreciated by me.

This month is jam packed full of photo shoots, most of which are happening this next week! If you haven't read my Facebook status yet I'll reiterate what I wrote! Basically, this coming week will be the craziest, busiest week I've had since starting my photography journey 8 months ago. Here's what's coming my way:

Saturday: 2nd Shooting a wedding
Sunday: Couples session
Monday: Bridal session with a few other photogs
Wednesday: Couples session
Friday: Engagement session
Saturday: my first wedding! So excited!!!!

Yup, it's packed! Between those shoots I plan to get as much editing done as I can while also being a mom to my fabulous, bundle of energy, daughter!

Speaking of my daughter, she's starting to have the need to feed herself. It's no longer "cool" to be spoon fed your food by your mommy. Yesterday I obliged to her grabby little hands and gave her control of the spoon. I foresee some very messy times ahead of us!

Hopefully those of you that are fellow Canadians will have a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend, filled with family, friends, and good food! Any particular Thanksgiving traditions that you partake in each year? I would love to hear what they are!

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  1. Love that second picture - she has a look like, "I don't know what the big deal is, I can totally handle this!" So cute!


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