Perfect Gift

Well folks, it's happening. Christmas is coming. It's literally a couple months away. Two to be exact. Plus a day or 2, depending on what day you do your celebrating/gift opening. (I'm a Christmas Eve girl myself!)

So. You've probably already picked your names or have some idea of what you need to buy for your family members. But isn't there always that one person that you have NO idea what to get them for Christmas? It could be your Dad or Uncle Henry or your uber high maintenance sister. Either they have everything, don't want what you're getting them, or are too picky that they give you the barcode of exactly the t-shirt they want leaving no element of surprise.

How 'bout throwing them for a loop and getting them something they would NEVER expect but will love you for? What is this miracle gift? A Gift Certificate for a photo session with me!

If you're interested, contact me for my Rates and Packages!

Have a great weekend!

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