Tomorrow's Wedding and a Sneak Peek

Tomorrow is the wedding. THE wedding. My first one. Holy cow! I have many emotions running through me right now but the main one is excitement. I'm SO excited to shoot a wedding. To have the ball in my court and to get the images I've been dreaming about. So excited.

I'm a little nervous. Every time I think about tomorrow my stomach does a mini cart wheel. But I just keep telling myself that I am so capable of doing this. I'm confident that I will do a good job and that the bride and groom will love their photos. But still a little nervous!

Anyway, aside from thinking about and planning for tomorrow, I had a fabulous engagement session in Vancouver today. We lucked out with amazing weather, clear blue skies and sun shining down on us. It was lovely! And this couple is gorgeous so it made for a good session! Here's a few from today and then I'm off to have a romantic dinner with my husband of 5 years! (Did I mention that today is my 5 year anniversary? =P )


  1. Thanks Vanessa! Today was so much fun and you made it easy on us. Can't WAIT to see more!! Only 11 more months until we can do it again in a big white dress!!!

  2. kelly's mom15.10.10

    You really captured them - well done!

  3. I'm glad you like them Kelly! Looking forward to seeing you in a big white dress too =) Let the countdown begin!

    And thanks, Kelly's mom, for commenting! I'm glad you like them!

  4. That last one is stunning!
    Happy Anniversary to you two! Wishing you many more!

    Good luck with the wedding today.


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