Where Else But The Swings?

My daughter LOVES swings. If we even mention the words she won't stop saying "bing, bing, bing"(that's what it sounds like when she tries to say swing.) So we try to go to the park as much as we can. She laughs her face off and she's swinging back and forth. Lately her thing is that my husband needs to be on the swing beside her, swinging along with her. It's hilarious.

So I have lots of swing pictures! Another way to keep her confined long enough to get a few shots of her without her trying to reach out to my lens!


  1. my favorite is #5.

  2. Anonymous4.10.10

    I love her hair on the second picture.

  3. Vicky4.10.10

    Sorry, anonymous is me.

  4. haha I didn't notice her fro in that picture till you mentioned it! too funny. I put conditioner in her hair during her bath today and she got way more curls after that!

  5. Oh my goodness what a sweetheart! I just want to SQUEEZE her!!!


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