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October 9, 2010 was a day of Firsts. For one, it was my first time second shooting a wedding. It was also my first time shooting with Frances. And it was my first time shooting in the rain. The pouring rain.

The morning started out grand. Overcast but not a drop falling from the sky. Until the wedding ceremony ended. Then it rained like never before! My camera is not waterproof. Frances' is so she had a bit more freedom than I did. I had my camera wrapped in a clear plastic bag from the produce aisle in the grocery store and some rubber bands around it to keep it in place. Luckily I thought to bring my rain boots that morning. Best decision I ever made! We got soaked. Drenched. Saturated in water. What other synonyms for wet can I think of to write because we literally were all of the above.

But this did not deter this happy newly married couple and their bridal party from embracing the photo time with the most positive attitudes ever. They rocked. Not a single complaint from any of them. We did the photos outside which was great, and the rain gave it a romantic flare.

I had such a great time shooting this wedding with Frances and it was a great first experience for me. I can't wait to shoot many more weddings together! These are my favourite images from my collection that day...


  1. Beautiful despite the rain!

  2. Oh, they should be so happy with these! Great job on the church ones! Captured very well!

  3. What a cute couple! I really like the silhouette against the colored glass :D

  4. Thanks! Frances found some great spots for pictures!

  5. Great job. I love the green umbrella.

  6. thanks! they had 4 green umbrellas, 1 for each couple. Very cute.


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