Granville Island Portrait Session /SIM, LISA, JACK & PAIGE

What a great family this was to work with! We had to reschedule our session once on account of rain but managed to find a day where the rain held off while we were taking pictures! Poor little Jack was pretty sick, though. Running a fever and just overall not a super happy guy. I did manage to get some shots of him smiling with the ducks! And little Paige, what a sweetie pie!

When I asked Sim and Lisa if there were any particular shots they wanted Lisa replied with the words that make my heart skip a beat..."We don't like posing. We're not pose-y people." PERFECT!!! Lifestyle photography at it's finest! =) Go play, I'll take your pictures! haha. So that's what we did. I actually forced them, literally, to do one posed picture where everyone was looking at the camera, just to have one incase Grandma and Grandpa want one to frame. But that rest of the pictures were definitely my favourites!

Here they are, ducks and all!


  1. Anonymous29.11.10

    amazing pictures! you rock

  2. I love the feet pictures. So cute.

  3. You were there, but you weren't. Nicely done!

  4. Anonymous29.11.10

    Soooo darling! I just love your attention to details!

  5. Wow. You're great at capturing children's eyes and bright colors.


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