Abbotsford Portrait Session / EDDY, LARISSA & KHERINGTON

I love taking pictures of this family. Kherington is one of the most gorgeous baby girls I've ever seen! Her eyes are unreal. Blue. Piercing blue. She's so content (at least whenever I see her!) and she's so observant. She's a great model because she always looks into the camera! Between locations I was sitting in the back of the car with her and she would just stare at me the whole time. So cute!

Eddy is my second cousin. His family and mine have spent lots of time together, going on lots of family trips together, visits for dinner, etc. I was excited when he met and married Larissa and just as excited when they added this little bundle of joy to their family! You can see her newborn pictures here. I also took some pictures of Larissa's whole family not that long ago, too. You can see those here.

I met Eddy and Larissa at a park near their home last week. It was a gorgeous sunny day but the wind was strong and cold. A little much for Kherington (and us! It was cold!) so we started driving to our next location, Downtown Abbotsford, but stopped along a highway to get some nice fall colours in a few of the photos! Here's what we ended up with!

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  1. Great family photos! Their girl is adorable :)


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