Fall Family Sneak Peek

How many times can I utter the phrase "I love Autumn!"? I'll say it over and over again if I have to. And if you can't understand why I love it to much, I hope these few Sneak Peeks will defend my case!

The leaves. Wow. I love fall leaves. I love the colours. I love the warmth. I love the images that I paint in my mind from seeing them. I love the wonder of them. I love watching people walk through them on the side walk. I love hearing the crinkle of them beneath my feet (if it hasn't been raining!). I love the narratives that come to mind. I just love it all.

I met Sim and Lisa and their adorable children, Jack and Paige, at Granville Island this morning. We had originally planned on doing this shoot last week but got rained out. Unfortunately little Jack wasn't feeling top notch but I did get some smiles out of him, and some gorgeous pictures. Paige was the complete opposite. Nothing but smiles and shrieks of joy as she ran after the birds or explored the leaves.

Anyway, a few from this morning...

I brought my husband and daughter along with me this morning. I hate traffic. Especially on Hwy 1. I'll do anything to be able to take the HOV lane! After my session I stopped by the Granville Island Tea Company for the best, most heart warming cup of extra spicy Chai tea. It was the perfect way to end a fabulous morning at Granville Island!

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