Post Wedding Reflections

I like taking time to look back on the wedding day after I've photographed it. Yes, I realize I've only done two weddings myself, but after each one I have taken time to reflect on the day! Here's what I thought about my experience shooting Sharon and Geoff's wedding...

1. For the majority of the drive up to William's Lake I listened to Jasmine Star's CreativeLIVE footage on my iPod Touch. I think it's safe to say that the few clips that I watched were invaluable to me and gave me such a huge confidence boost for the wedding day. I won't go into details about everything I learned because that would take all day, but I will credit Saturday's success to what I learned from Jasmine Star on the drive up!

2. My husband is an amazing second shooter!!! I loved working with him! He did such an amazing job, especially seeing as this was his first time ever taking pictures on a professional level. Amazing! And working with someone that you're that close to was fabulous because we just know how to communicate and he knows what I'm thinking and what I need before I ask for it, etc. I foresee us working together for many more weddings down the road!

3. You CAN shoot an entire wedding day with 2 lenses. Ok, we used 3 1/2. I'll explain. We mainly used 2 lenses the whole day. I had the 35mm f/1.4 and James had my 50mm f/1.8. We did use my 18-55mm lens for a couple shots of the ceremony and of the dance floor, but that's it. And the 1/2 lens refers to my macro lens since it's just a small thing that screws onto my 18-55mm lens. And I only used that for a few ring shots.

Yes, I'd like to get a few more lenses to complete my collection, especially for weddings, but for now what we have works just great! So don't think that you can't shoot weddings because you only have one or two lenses, because you can! It's important to me that I have at least one good quality lens as my main one for most of my photos (which is my 35mm) and so I rented that one for my first wedding before I bought it. And I love it. I love love love it!

Those were the main things that came to mind. My husband was really encouraging after the whole day was over and assured me that I did a good job with taking control of the situation and being confident in what I was doing. I hope so! I really had such a great time with this wedding, and it helped that I knew a few people. Sharon is the younger sister of a friend who I graduated with.

I'll leave you with one more Sneak Peek before I put this wedding aside for awhile to catch up on some other photo shoots! This bride is seriously fierce!


  1. Anonymous23.11.10

    I love that you used mostly two lenses! That's amazing!! Were you totally up in their faces during the ceremony then? I always feel so close when I use my 50mm up close, BUT those get the best shots :)

  2. I kept my distance for the most part, but did get a little closer for the kiss and exchange of rings. But, this is all I have right now and my couples need to understand that to get those shots I do need to get a little closer, maybe a little closer than I technically want to, but I want those shots! And I try to be as quick as possible and don't do it often!


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