Multi Sneak Peek

Holy photo shoot day batman! It's been a pretty low-key couple of weeks as far a photo shoots go. A few cancelations because of rain, and just an overall slower time of year. Well, today was quite the exception. I had 2 photo shoots back to back! Craziness! I loved every minute of it! And I'm SO glad the weather was gorgeous today!

My first shoot today was an engagement session for the lovely Tim and Larissa who's wedding I'll be photographing in April. We met in Langley, Milner area for those of you that are familiar with it. Here's a few Sneak Peaks from our time together:

Then I quickly drove home, ate lunch, and headed back out to meet my next victims, I mean clients ;), for their photo shoot in the old part of Cloverdale. Justine is a fellow photographer and it was great to finally meet her in person, along with her husband, Marco, and oh so cute son, Luca. Here's some of what went down in Cloverdale today:

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends! I'm looking forward to a busy week of editing! Hopefully. Naps and early bedtimes permitting =)


  1. Ha! That kid's hair is awesome!

  2. Justine8.11.10

    hahaha thanks his hair is always like this! Since he was born!!
    Vanessa I love them and can't wait to see more!!

  3. He did have great hair for the shoot! The gel was a nice touch! Glad you like them Justine!


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