Before I go into details about last night, I wanted to announce the winner of my Free Mini Photo Shoot draw!! Heidi Ens was the lucky blog reader that won the draw tonight! Congratulations, Heidi! Looking forward to taking some pictures for you!

Growing up, my family was never really into Halloween the way most people are. We always used to go to a local swimming pool as a family on Halloween and enjoy some time in the pool and then watch fireworks outside. If we didn't go swimming we were in our homes, lights out, almost afraid to breathe because we thought some Trick-or-Treater might hear the intake of air and come rushing to our door. We lived by candle light on All Hallow's Eve. Very nice, I thought. I would always pretend that I was Laura Ingalls, living back in the time before the light bulb, walking around with my candle. It was fun.

One year I wanted to hand out candy so my mom bought some treats and we turned on the outside lights and I waited for my first chance to take part in this holiday. Well, the first person to come to the door was a kid dressed like a zombie. After I put some candy in his bag, I closed the door, and I cried. I was so scared! We turned off the lights and went back to living like the Ingalls'.

My husband grew up Trick-or-Treating and thought it would be great to get Cheyenne in on the fun. So I obliged. I found the cutest costume ever at Winners. Yesterday during the day I thought of a way that James and I could also dress up and participate in this event with her. Aside from Cheyenne being so overly tired, she did great! She carried her little bucket, which eventually turned into dragging her bucket because the weight from the treats was a bit much for her. She willingly climbed up stairs and said "ick-o-eee" and even said thank-you on her own after us reminding her a few times to say it to the kind neighbours. We received many, many comments from other families walking by. Apparently we looked pretty cute. Ok, Cheyenne was the cutest, but as a whole our family was pretty awesome!

We started the night at my sister and her husband's place. Here's some pictures from Cheyenne's first Halloween experience!!

This photo was taken by one of our neighbours.

Cheyenne's first ever Trick-or-Treat home!


  1. Oh so cute!!!! I love your shepherd costumes as well, is that a sweater on James's head?? Love the ingenuity!

  2. No they're pillow cases on our heads!

  3. So awesome!
    And yet, another thing that you have said that makes me think that we are so so so similar (I really haven't mentioned all of them, but its kinda freaky)- I am a huge fan of Little House on the Prairie!
    Love your Halloween photos. Reminds me that I should try some of mine out in b&w. Thanks for the inspiration, yet again!

  4. haha.. I'd love to hear all the other similarities between us at some point, Kristin! And your welcome for the inspiration! Sometimes pictures just need to be in B&W!

  5. Yes, way better in b&w. Check it out if you have some time.

    I will try to look through and remember some of those common things. It was in those "get to know me" post that you did!

  6. That is the cutest sheep ever. :)


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